Tran Trong Hoa (@hanoiphotographer) is from Hanoi, Vietnam. His passion is in street photography and candid moments. “Because I love every unexpected thing I meet around the corner. They bring me inspiration and joy!” Hoa said.

He told us about the shoot he remembered the most - Shiwei secret’s proposal to Tiffany on Bai Tho Mountain.

“It’s funny! I got there earlier and waited for them. I was pretending like a passerby taking photos of the scenery. Tiff didn’t know about it at all. It happened so suddenly at 8am sharp, when Shiwei knelt down and pulled out the ring.

It’s like everything was set up perfectly for us that day. It’s still raining before we climbed to the top, but when we reached the top, it just stopped. 30 mins after the proposal, it started raining again.”

As a photographer, he learnt a lot from his clients about how they take care of each other, showing love to each other, and enjoying moments together.