Check out these 3 artists from Ukraine who will sweep you off your feet!

Anastasia Mihaylova ( has been passionate about photography since she was 14 years old.

The photographer captures achingly beautiful nude images in an attempt to portray human beings in their rawest, most unfiltered form, existing as children of nature.

Artem Humilevskiy (@humilevskiy), endeavours to depict body positivity and self-acceptance in the form of nude self portraits.

He presents an ironic take that challenges society’s unrealistic beauty standards through his playful photography.

With several heart-wrenching artworks celebrating the never-say-die spirit of the brave Ukrainians, Ksenia Selianko (@1_37) presents to us artistic solace amidst an unspeakable crisis.

Our favourite piece is her “Kyiv, Ukraine. We believe!”

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