Joseph Kofi Awumee Jnr. (@joseph_awumee) is an artist based in Ghana, West Africa.

For him, photography starts as a concept in his mind based on what he wants to create or speak about. Every image has its own unique style from the colours to its composition based on its mood or what he feels at the moment creating.

“I feel like I'm inspired by what I experience, hear, see or feel.”

For every image he creates, there's a reason or a message behind that backs it. He tries as much as possible to use props in his craft that add to the whole story-telling process. They all play vital roles in his images.

“The fact that I can create my own reality, reflect the times and also share my craft to the world and inspire others, keeps me going as an artist.”

In 2021, I'll love to reach more audiences both locally and internationally than I did in 2020. As well as creating more images that would speak and create conversations amongst my audience."