(Photos from Searchlight Pictures)

So Nomadland has had its historic Oscar Best Pictures Win.

Of course, a lot of reports were made on the thoughts behind, and its Director Chloé Zhao.

But do you know how Cinematographer Joshua James Richards centered visual power around the use of Magic Hour?

In planning for the film, Zhao built her own campervan “Akira” for a road trip with Richards through the West to scout locations and meet real nomads. Richards would spend hours taking photos, “looking at how people’s faces are in what light, so the scout became a test shoot.”

He shot in the Magic Hour whenever possible. During the 20-min window he had to capture the light. It was chaotic but worth the trouble.

“It’s God’s best light. It’s when all the spirits come out; it’s when people’s faces look exactly as they should look and I can see you truthfully as you.”

During Magic Hour, Richards also captured through his Ultra Prime lenses soft colours that made faces against the backdrop rich.

As the sun set, he shot intimate moments including a conversation with a real-life nomad around the fire.

What inspiration did you find through Nomadland’s visual storytelling approach?