So, the idea is the next phase of internet where we’ll use technology to engage in more virtual spaces and immersive experiences outside our physical world.

Depending on how you view it, that may mean a 🆙complete life changer or an ultimate nightmare🧛🏽.

However, here's our take on how creators can gain from this future:

🔥Host virtual 3D exhibitions participated by people around the world - imagine people walking around through your photos!

🔥Open up diverse marketplace for digital arts

🔥Earn recurring income while protecting copyright with NFT

🔥Engaged with fans directly

🔥Work with large international clients easily

🔥Teach/attend photography courses in unimaginable ways

Although still early, Metaverse will bring us to a crossroad between art ✕ culture ✕ technology.

What part will Gump play in this? STAY PUT😉! !

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