Have you seen the hot #filmisnotdead on social media?

Film photography is experiencing a comeback especially among young creators.

We interviewed Leo Yuen (@leooo.foto) for his passion in this unique way of capturing visual memories.

G: Why is film so different? What has drawn you towards it?


L: I love shooting in film since it makes me slow down and become way more patient.

In a big city like Hong Kong, everyone lives with a fast-paced lifestyle.

We are used to taking photos with a digital camera or smartphone without thinking carefully. Since there is no cost for taking a digital image, we can just take a few more images until we get a satisfying result.

I love shooting film also because of the process - it's difficult to control, more demanding up front, you can't always just point and shoot, you have to think.

I love the unexpected surprises when I get my film rolls developed: light leaks, grains, color fluctuation of the expired film.

It’s always fun to experiment and see what film can do in different situations. It’s not something you can get from digital photography.

G: Share one special memory with us that analog photography has brought to you?


L: Holding a film camera sometimes attracts people’s attention.


One time, an elderly told me that they own the same camera when they see me shooting.


It’s an interesting way to connect people of different generations.

G: What have you learnt from your experiences?


L: Shooting with film brings excitement to the moment. It teaches me to appreciate the light, the composition, the camera or film itself.


I can capture the same moment so differently with the tools I've chosen for the day.

G: What do you enjoy doing when you're not taking photos?


L: Go somewhere I have not been to. I like to explore and observe.


Learning to observe people, places, and activities in the world can make us better storytellers, communicators, writers, and photographers.


It’s fun to discover “treasures”” in your journey.

G: Can you share with us some film photography pages you like?




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