Brian ( is an uprising fashion and portrait photographer in Indonesia.


What are his secrets behind the lens?

"For me, photography is not about having very expensive lens, a great camera, or having the skills to take photos and that's it.

πŸ₯ƒThere are other important elements like socializing and how to sell yourself."

When asked about any advice he can give to fellow creators in the industry,

"πŸ“šAlways do your best and continue to learn!

Not only knowledge, you will also need to practice a lot. Find a mentor and a healthy rival to motivate yourself.πŸ‘―

Do not limit yourself, continue to branch out to new things.

For example, as a πŸ‘°πŸ½wedding photographer during the pandemic, you can learn about product photography ⌚to earn more money and diversify your skills."

In the future, he'd like to dive deeper into fashion and beauty photography to learn about lighting and commercials.πŸ’„

He's also looking to create a better portfolio with gobo light and colour gel.🚦

Ending with Brian's encouraging reminder, we hope you too will keep your heads up and continue to move with passion!

β€œThis too shall pass. All is well!

Let's look at the bright side. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Learn more about different types of photography, attend new online workshops rather than spend time procrastinating."

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