🌻5.20 is a rather special day…it’ll be our 2-year anniversary!

Who would know that after only 2 years...we’d grow from just another cloud storage to the largest Asian photo collaboration platform, supporting over 500,000 users, sharing 16 million photos over 1,500 cities in Hong Kong🇭🇰 Vietnam🇻🇳 Indonesia🇮🇩 Philippines🇵🇭 Taiwan🇹🇼 and many others? 🌏

On this day, the first thing we really wanna do is to THANK YOU.


Thanks to those of you early adopters who trusted this nobody startup from Hong Kong in 2020.

Thanks for all the messages of encouragement and feedback (sometimes weird bugs) which made us better through highs and lows.💪💪💪

But mostly, THANK YOU for being you, photographers!

🧑🏽‍🎨As we still believe till this day, that we are here to empower you superheroes, and connect you with more channels to unleash your creative value.

💛💛Let’s celebrate by highlighting these amazing and “oldest” members in Gump Gang, who’ve been with us since the beginning!

1. Play With Picture, Hong Kong (https://playwithpicture.gump.gg/portfolio)

2. Sham2photography, Hong Kong (https://sham2photography.gump.gg/portfolio/)

3. Uniqhoto, Hong Kong (https://uniqhoto.gump.gg/portfolio)

4. Doris Liao, Taiwan (https://dorisliao.gump.gg/portfolio/)

5. Din Photography, Singapore (https://din.gump.gg/portfolio/)

😚To celebrate this proud occasion, we’ll have a series of exciting giveaway and events coming up.

Stay tuned peepz!