We’re excited to announce the winners for our #GumpPassionatelyCreative Contest. CONGRATS!

🏆 Srsview, Grand Prize: Gump Legend Plan (4TB) + a Capture One For Sony/Nikon/Fujifilm License
🥈 Din Photography, Silver Prize: Gump Legend Plan (4TB)
🥉 Lucia Studio - 專業攝影 Newborn Photography 初生嬰兒 BB 兒童 家庭 孕婦 寵物, Bronze Prize: Gump Professional Plan (2TB)

Thank you everyone who took the time to join us. Let’s celebrate the great work created by our passionate and creative community!


A commercial photographer based in Dubai, Suresh's image is a result of amazing team work with his favourite make up artist Nikki (https://www.facebook.com/nikhat.cazi) and model Ben (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100027175851139).

“I always believe in shooting different and out-of-ordinary headshots. This time I wanted to make something colourful.”

This photo was captured before the Halloween shoot the team was planning, when they suddenly had the idea for Nikki to lift Ben’s hair behind the scene so Suresh could catch this quirky diagonal-hair shot that’s so full of colours!

“It’s difficult to find a model for this shoot. So I’m thankful for Ben for trusting us and allowing us to explore around the concept and make up.”

Stay tuned for Din Photography and Lucia Studio - 專業攝影 Newborn Photography 初生嬰兒 BB 兒童 家庭 孕婦 寵物’s clicks and the stories behind!

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