Are you an aspiring photographer just getting into food? Or have been doing it for some time? Either way, trust us you really don’t want to miss out on this one!

In this workshop, Asmita OneWholesomeMeal will be sharing valuable tricks on colours, composition, lighting and styling in photographing food. 🥑 🌶️ 🍽️

We’ll cover:

🔸 Colour theory

🔸 Composition techniques

🔸 Modifying lights and shadows

🔸 Creating a story and the human angle

🔸 Planning and creating a mood board

🔸 Choosing a background

🔸 Best lenses for for food photography

20 seats only. Sign up now and thank us later!

Sign up:

Food Photography Essentials: Colour Theory, Composition & Styling Workshop With Asmita Bharadwaj OneWholesomeMeal

- Date: 29 Sep 2020 (Tue)

- Time: 8-9pm HKT

- Language: English

- Where: Zoom link will be provided upon registration

About Asmita:

Asmita is a Hong Kong-based seasoned food photographer, blogger, and stylist. While food styling in itself is a challenging art, she particularly prides herself in making the most mundane and boring looking food aka. brown food looks good.

She photographs using both natural and artificial light and believes in the marriage of light, colours and textures in bringing food to life.

Asmita is also passionate about sharing her knowledge of food styling and photography as she believes the community benefits from each others' support in the long run.