Q: How did you become a photographer?

“I actually started as a photo editor, editing people's photos based on the colors they wanted. So basically I learned Lightroom before DSLR (which is weird)!

Then I thought, if I have a camera, why don't I try to take my own photos and "freeze" every moment I have in life?

The reason why I entered as a Portrait Photographer was because that's to me the easiest way to enter this world.”

Q: What does photography mean to you?

“For me, photography does mean a lot.

Through photography, I earned my first ever work salary, I learnt how to communicate with random/new people,  how to freeze every precious moment I have in my life (when I use my film camera). It really teaches me how to have my own value.

Without photography, I would not have been able to fit into big societies, get to know influencers, make lots of friends, nor learn about making money by myself.”

Q: What keeps you passionate?

Passion is what I always keep in mind ever since I started photography.

“I have lots of photographer friends who only take photos and buy presets to apply to their photos. I am not gonna be that kind.

Many people said I'm insane to take 7-8 hours just to edit a single photo to post on instagram. It was not insane for me, because I know that people spare their time to shoot with me, and by that I should put 100% effort as a respect for their time.”