🙃Guess what, “photoshopping” portraits have been around a lot earlier than our IG age!

Over a century ago, photographers were already altering images to satisfy demands of customers in the Victoria era.

Their retouching tools include an easel, magnifying glass, lead holder, lead, spotting brush, retouching fluid, negative varnish, and etching paste.

Pencils were used to remove imperfections and blend highlights, shadows, and halftones, while etching knives were used to reduce highlights and remove photo parts.

Removing Freckles

Straightening Crossed-Eyes

Opening Closed Eyes

Reducing Thick Neck

Removing A Child

Now who’s fascinated?

Do you prefer “PS”-ing the old or new way?

Reference: "Complete self-instructing library of practical photography" (1908) (https://archive.org/details/completeselfinst10schr/page/n9/mode/2up)