Whether you’re new to photography or looking to level up your game, there are some bad habits many photographers out there fall into.

✨ Overlooking Smaller Things

No one wants to run out of battery life or storage space halfway through a shoot. Always take spare batteries and memory cards with you!

✨ Not Keeping Kit Clean

Your camera is the sword to a soldier, so clean them every time after a shoot! You don’t want to find dust spots on each photo only when you get home, especially when they land on spots where it’s hard to edit.

✨Failing To Research Locations

It's important to plan out the locations you want to go in advance. Get an idea of the compositions that are achievable from accessible viewpoints as well as the lighting conditions beforehand.

✨Copying Another Photographer's Style

Nowadays it's easy for you to see another photographer's work and try to replicate their particular style and angle. Taking reference from great photos is fine, but simply replicating the shot is a mistake.

Develop your own style and become other people's inspiration!

✨Giving Up Too Easily

How many times have you waken up early for a sunrise shot, just to be greeted by grey clouds?

Make the best out of what you have. On a dull day, try shooting in black and white, or use a strong ND filter for a long exposure to blur clouds into fun results!

Have you done any of these? Are there other important mistakes we didn't include?

Photo credit: Leo Yuen

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