❤️Love is universal - spanning across species, cultures and time.

Macedonian photographer Goran Anastasovski has spent 15 years in the wild, capturing affectionate moments of wolves, giraffes, deer, monkeys, just to name a few.

In his pictures, it's not hard to see them being really intimate with one another, touching faces or hugging their children closely.

“My idea for photographing animals is to show that animals have character and show love even more than people.”

“Animal photography is my greatest passion and if I could make at least one person care a little bit more about the animals, my goal will be achieved.”

We hope these images touch your hearts. We wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day!💛

See more work by Goran Anastasovski:

- https://www.instagram.com/gorananastasovskiphoto

- https://www.gorananastasovski.com/

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