Imagine walking into Louvre, you're inspired by the Mona Lisa hanging on the wall🖼️

You may snap a pic of the art, go home, print it out and frame it in your living room🛋️

Does doing any of these make you owner of this exquisite piece?

The same applies to your digital art. Although people can screenshot your image off Instagram and Facebook, that doesn't make them its owner.

Here's where NFT comes into play. It's a certificate of authenticity tied to your art - pretty much like the certificate of a Rolex ⌚watch, or a 💍diamond ring!

With a new system to prove traceable ownership in the digital world, you can create much more value from your photos and make them tradable! 🤑

Your photos deserve more than displaying on social media to wait for "likes".

Do you agree? How do you think NFT can change the game for creators?

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