Did you know that Gump has launched a Portfolio feature?

With this new tool, many of you have since told us you successfully landed new jobs!

But not all portfolios are the same.

We’ve gathered 5 eye-catching portfolios from our community. We’ll also share some practical tips for you to learn.

Have fun, experiment and try creating your own!

5🟡 Eff (https://instagram.com/eff), Thailand

📙Portfolio Link: https://eff.gump.gg/portfolio/food-photography

📝Tip: Food Porn

A lot of the portfolios we saw are based around weddings and portraits. But do you know that a lot of cafes, restaurants and even hotels are scouting for professional shooters as well?

Check out the take from Eff, which is mouth-watering, featuring a wide range of colourful goodies from bakery, dim sum, to shaved ice and even bubble tea!

His other tabs also include highlights from product, fashion and interior photography.

What a great way to create a portfolio that is engaging and full of surprises!

So here are the 5 interesting Portfolios from our community. Which one do you like the most? Are you ready to design your own?

Create Yours Here: https://gump.gg

Photo credit: Eff