Did you know that Gump has launched a new Portfolio feature?

With this new tool, many of you have since told us you successfully landed new jobs!

But not all portfolios are the same.

We’ve gathered 5 eye-catching portfolios from our community. We’ll also share some practical tips for you to learn.

Have fun, experiment and try creating your own!

4🟡 攝.遊 Frankucc Photograpy, Taiwan

📙Portfolio Link: https://frankchen.gump.gg/portfolio/

📝Tip: First. Impression. Matters.

To help you craft a good first impression, on Gump's portfolio, you can display your own profile pic and cover photo.

Take a look at Frank's portfolio.

Once you land onto his page, you'll know that he is good at taking portraits, and that he is from Taiwan.

You can even use a different cover photo for each individual tab you added.

Get creative and choose photos that best represents the genre you want to impress others with!

Create Your Own Portfolio: https://gump.gg

Photo credit: Frank Chen