Did you know that Gump has launched a new Portfolio feature?

With this new tool, many of you have since told us you successfully landed new jobs!

But not all portfolios are the same.

We’ve gathered 5 eye-catching portfolios from our community. We’ll also share some practical tips for you to learn.

Have fun, experiment and try creating your own!

3🟡 Alan Wong, Hong Kong

📙Portfolio Link: https://alanwong16197285137602699.gump.gg/portfolio/

📝Tip: Sort By Location

"Can you recommend a place for our photo shoot?" is an all-time favourite question from customers.

When designing your portfolio, you can make use of the tabs to showcase photos you took in different locations, just like Alan did!

From urban, rustic, to colourful and 'grammable, be sure to include a range of vibes for your clients to visualize.

By organizing your references this way, you're doing your clients a big favour and saving them time from making a decision.

Create Your Own Portfolio: https://gump.gg