Did you know that Gump has launched a new Portfolio feature?

With this new tool, many of you have since told us you successfully landed new jobs!

But not all portfolios are the same.

We’ve gathered 5 eye-catching portfolios from our community.

We’ll also share some practical tips for you to learn. Have fun, experiment and try creating your own!

2🟡 Cheese N Click Photography, Indonesia

📙Portfolio Link: https://hendralesmana.gump.gg/portfolio/

📝Tip: Play With Colours and Contrast

In this example, it is amazing to see how Hendra played with photos with different contrasts. 🎨

Next to a photo with bright orange saturated colours, he picked a black and white one. This is visually stunning and keeps the viewers engaged throughout!


Also, he is smart to place a vertical photo right in the middle of a group of landscape shots to make it pop.

These thoughts might seem little, but they have made it hard to get your eyes off the portfolio👀

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