Did you know that Gump has launched a new Portfolio feature?

With this new tool, many of you have since told us you successfully landed new jobs!

But not all portfolios are the same.

Coming up, we’ve gathered 5 eye-catching portfolios from our community.

We’ll also share some practical tips for you to learn. Have fun, experiment and try creating your own!

1🟡 PAT DY PHOTOGRAPHY, Philippines

📙Portfolio Link: https://patdy.gump.gg/portfolio/pat-dy

📝Tip: Subfolder - create subfolders in order for client to see specific examples in different categories.

In his portfolio, Pat added various subfolders to feature not only his own best assorted photos, but shots from a few individual clients' weddings.

This helps his prospects to better understand the overall flow and different types of photos they can expect.

A combination of macro and micro view is preferred to give a comprehensive look and feel.

Create Your Own Portfolio: https://gump.gg