Pretty sure you heard about the hottest headliner in town: WhatsApp is making its users share data with Facebook for targeted advertising.

This is one step closer to WhatsApp's monetization, offering routes for advertising and personalization.

But the globe has raised viral concern over privacy and security. Signal's downloads have been up 4,200% in just one week. People are switching from Facebook to MeWe for a similar reason.

Are you still sharing photos with your clients using Google Drive, Dropbox and WeTransfer?

In that case, anyone with the link can access the photos, getting valuable info of who they are, how old, where or with whom, and so on. A photo gives away more information than texts in an implicit but powerful way.

Do you still feel safe to surrender your clients' data through these channels?

Although we're still a startup with limited resources, we have always put privacy as a top priority. Even a small action shows what we really care about. On Gump, we help you protect your clients' albums easily by enabling a PIN with one click.

It's 2021. It's time to look for alternatives.

Protect your customers' precious data. Try something new: