"In frame is Miss Universe Philippines Charity 2021 Victoria Vincent.

We've met a couple of times before the shoot and I have always been mesmerized by her eyes. I want this to look like she's an angel who has just landed on earth.😇

I basically managed the whole production, including design and makeup.

At this point, 2 major parts were missing - venue and the wings.🦋

Initially i tried making the wings, but it failed due to the lack of time, so i had to resort to finding a pair.

Luckily, I found a local costume designer who retrofitted the wings from a previous costume he made!

For the venue, there's only one in my mind - Grand Palazzo Royale.

The ornate golden accents, the design of their halls...it is the best for what I have envisioned! I contacted them and they agreed to work with me.✌🏽

✨I wanted rays to come about everywhere so I used Gobos which are made of cardboards and smokes firing at the back to display rays.

At the front I used a 120cm parabolic softbox without any diffusion to cut through the smoke."

Are you inspired by photographer Chester Sigua's passion project? Did you set yourself something fun to work on in 2022? Share with us in comments below!

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