We created this photography campaign to raise awareness in LOVE, PEACE and HOPE on this side of the world🌎.

Thank you for all your amazing visual stories!

While we send our deepest prayers to those affected by the war, our biggest wish is that we all keep faith and flex our muscles to whatever's ahead!💪🏽

≋To change the world, we must first start with ourselves≋

🛎️P.S. we're still receiving submissions to create a photo book and fund raise for Ukraine! Hurry up till 30 Apr 2022 (Sat) only!

Check out 👉🏽https://gump.gg/contest/ for details !

Photo credits: Joanna Kustra Hvězda93 photographer(海外攝影)Marta Syrko Arkadiusz Branicki @casaruiz @hay_footprints