"You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work-in-progress simultaneously."


Recently awarded 2020 Rising Star by Rangefinder, Jessie is an uprising freelance wedding and portrait photographer from Malaysia.

Adventurous, sometimes very serious and the next second quirky when she thought of a joke in between.

🔹Her Style

Jessie is known to have her own “dark” style. To her, it’s less about making it her signature, but more the details she can highlight in the midst of the darkness in a frame itself.

🔸Her Inspiration

Who knows she got the most surprising outcomes when she brought couples to low-cost flats for photoshoots, which created a locality that’s really close to their hearts and memories!

🔹Her Challenge

“Not everyone will appreciate or understand your work but that’s okay. The most important lesson to remember of all times is to always stand firm with your own belief in creating art.

Listen more than you talk, and always be open to share. The more you share, the more you will gain to improve yourself.”


2020 is a wild ride for Jessie, and all of us indeed.

She feels grateful for health especially after a major surgery, as well as the close relationships she built with friends and families, which are what she cherishes the most.

In the new year, she will continue to strive for her dream - to be what and who she wants to be, as how she envisions it to be.

What about you? What will this year have in store for you?

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