Can't describe how grateful we are to see Doris Liao Studio's earlier post, and we want to share the happiness with you all!

We promise to work hard, stay close with our photographers and make Gump something that you love!


[Sharing About A Brilliant Tool for Photographers] Please Take Time To Read! 🥳

Today I’m going to share with you about a tool I found…. Gump! 🤩

I came across KaChick, a Hong Kong platform for photographers at the end of 2019. It’s one that connects customers with photographers from all over the world, e.g. Hong Kong travellers visiting Taiwan who want to find a photographer to capture memories. Through it, I got many job opportunities and was inspired by other photographers’ beautiful photos.

😭 Unfortunately, the outbreak of COVID-19 this year has slowed their progress. But, during the same period, a new project was born! There’s a saying “A crisis is also an opportunity.” Gump is exactly such an inspirational case! 🥳

The KaChick team launched a super cool cloud-based platform👍 that improves photographers’ workflow and helps us communicate with clients especially for photo selection and feedback collection.

Before launching this amazing product, they spent so much time with different photographers to collect our feedback. Based on our real needs, they have built Gump into something that’s so convenient, user-friendly and nice-looking.

I really can’t say enough good things about it! As a die-hard fan, how can I not recommend it to you all?

👉🏽 First, photographers can upload our preview images. There are many thoughts behind the tool to protect the security of this unique album. Afterwards, you’ll get the URL

👉🏽 Then you can share the link with your clients for photo selection. Only those who get the link can see your photos - you can also set a PIN for the album for more privacy

During client photo selection, they can make use of the like ❤️ and tick ✅ buttons, which allow them to narrow down the images and communicate with us in different rounds. I must say again, the design is really user-friendly and intuitive!

Below I’ve shared some screenshots with captions on each. They should help you visualize and understand how to use Gump easier!

Come explore with me by clicking onto my first photo 👻

💥 If you read my post and feel excited about Gump like I do, please give it a try now! You can also get an extra 10GB storage by quoting my code [DorisLiao]

Personally, I think Gump is not just useful for photographers, but also for people who wanna organize and store huge amounts of photos 👍👍

So this is the end of my sharing. I hope the descriptions in the photos are not too messy. Thank you for reading it!

Hope the Founders in Hong Kong will like my sharing too! ❤️

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