Still feeling the hype vibe from our meetup with Women Photographers Malaysia, Jessielyee. and Vizion Creation by Visala. What an amazing energy from everyone!

As some of our joiners also noticed, our two guests have such different styles - Jessie apparently is the queen of ‘dark’ photos, oh-so raw and emotional. It makes a huge contrast to Visala’s clean and sleek, somewhat picture-perfect shots.

We discussed the common perceptions that women photographers can’t carry heavy gear. Clients may even have lower expectations on their physical and professional capabilities. But good thing is, if you do your thing well, they’ll often be extra-surprised about the outcome!

There are also occasions where female photographers find it easier to connect with clients, including boudoir and maternity.

In our giveaway game, lucky winner Zubaida from Malaysia took home a Gump 100GB Plan!

Final verdict?

We don't polarize photographers by gender. Whether guy or girl, you are always unique in your own way. Shine on!

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⁍ Jessie’s photos:

⁍ Visala’s photos:

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