This isn’t about politics, nor a discussion on history…It’s just normal human emotions we shared towards what happened in Ukraine on 24 Feb 2022.

💣Russia’s horrific invasion into Ukraine is the biggest military conflict ever since World War II.

Can you imagine if this happens at your doorstep? 🪖

Armies of tanks and troops bombarded into residential areas; destroying familiar bridges and roads; they even damaged your access to food, clean water, medicine and electricity.🚧🚑

Over 1.5 million civilians, people like me and you, were forced to flee their homes.

They may be far in distance, but we’re connected by 💘hearts.

In times of fear and insecurity, what can photographers do to spread the message of positivity?

Through your storytelling frames, can we finally lead a pathway to peace? 🕊️

💙💛Do you support peace and wish to contribute to our movement? Simply post your photos with #GumpForUkraine

We welcome all forms of art that inspire emotions, including:

(1) Events / actions that are actually and symbolically supporting the Ukrainians

(2) Documentary photos of the situation in Ukraine and nearby borders

(3) Artistic or abstract expressions on love, peace and hope

At the end of our campaign, we’ll select the best photos to publish a photo book to raise funds for Ukraine!!

💁🏽How To Enter:

1. Post photos with #GumpForUkraine

2. Tag 3 other photographer friends

If you want to get a chance to be featured on our photo book to raise fund for Ukraine, also follow the below steps:

3. Sign up on Gump (

4. Upload your photos here:

5. Click on the photo. Input your country, photo name and caption using the “comment” icon on the left

6. Best photos from the album will be showcased in our photo book to raise fund for Ukraine


Anthony Lau Photography (, Grand Award, National Geographic Travel Photographer Of The Year


Ivanna Vivcharyk (, Ukrainian, Chairperson of Cathay Camera Club

Media feature:


Date: 1 Mar (Tue) - 30 Apr 2022 (Sat)

Photo Book Result Announcement: 7 May 2022 (Sun)